Country’s first floating solar power plant of 10 kilowatt capacity has been commissioned at Mongla under Bagerhat district recently.

The Solar EPC Development Ltd, a local company, installed the facility with technical assistance from its Indian business partner at Mongla port municipality water treatment site.

Power Division additional secretary Mohammad Alauddin visited the site on the day to see the progress of the pilot project.

The innovative aspect of the project offers promising prospects for expanding the floating technology in the country and a bright future for this cutting-edge Bangladesh industry, says a press release.

“We are very proud of commissioning the floating solar pilot project. Our proposed 15 megwatt floating solar project will reflect a committed and positive ecological transition involving citizens and regions,” said Solar EPC managing director Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid.

The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mongla port municipality in June 2019 for development of a total of 15 megawatt floating solar power plant in the pond of the municipality.