We minimise Client’s task and risk of Financing the Projects by providing them the financing for the projects through Government Agencies, International Investors, Nationalised and private banking corporations. We work on maximising the benefits of solar energy also on the advanced technology which must be matched with optimal financing and incentives. Our strong financial relationships and deep knowledge enables us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return of the Off-Taker from solar energy plants. Financial institutions (private or Government own) and banks are in the business of providing capital to businesses, consumers and investors.

Debt Finance from Financial Institute

Our relationship and networking with financial institutes enable us to give options to the client to get solar project debt finance. We ensure clients profitability through financial feasibility analysis of the project. We assist clients to choose the right option that fits and meets the client’s debt finance requirements.

Solar Loan

Solar loans allow you to minimise your initial capital expenses on a solar solution. With a solar loan, you borrow from a lender to cover the cost of your solar upgrade. We have the industry connections to help you partner with the right solar financing company for your needs, and if you want to keep your credit line free, we can work with you to offer an in-house loan option.


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