Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Quality matters, especially where utilities are concerned. It’s crucial to know how to maintain the performance of a large solar power plant and ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency not just now, but 25 years down the line and beyond.

We have an experienced Operations & Maintenance division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants. Our team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reporting on generation and activities, provides project commissioning expertise along with developing mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data.



Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance in Real Time.
Real-time plant monitoring and control

Forecasting and scheduling (in select markets)

Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities

Reporting to investors

Warranty administration and advocacy

Maintenance coordination and communication


Minimize Downtime. Reduce Equipment Failures. Protect Asset Value.

Module cleaning and vegetation abatement

Grounds maintenance, pest control, water/waste, etc.

End-to-end power plant maintenance (DC and AC)

Safety focus

Spare parts, inventory, and supply chain management

Maintenance scheduling with grid operators

Development of plant-specific procedures