Solar Irrigation

Solar Irrigation

Bangladesh is a small country. Irrigation plays a vital role in the agriculture of the country which is located in tropical delta. So, there is a huge potential of solar irrigation system in Bangladesh. Solar irrigation can provide sustainable solutions without requiring any fuel, reduce carbon emission and save millions in foreign currency.

We offer different range of solar irrigation systems to the customers. The change to solar power means you can lower your operating costs. We are focused to improving quality life of the farmers through solar irrigation system. We work on following Business Model for Solar Irrigation:


Business Model A

In this business model we will invest and install the system. We will sign a 25 years contract with farmer/client for the supply of water for irrigation. Farmer/Client will pay Solar EPC monthly basis.

Business Model B

In this business model we will sign contract with the farmer/client to supply, install and commission the system. We will also assist farmer/client to arrange debt finance from the financial institute. We will also provide three (03) years free after sales service to the farmer/client.